Our priority is consumer protection through high-quality installations. We safeguard against misinformation, predatory sales practices, poor workmanship, and unrealistic expectations as a trusted partner throughout the solar acquisition process.
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Streamline energy management and enhance operational efficiency with our powerful native app designed for commercial and residential.
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We provide comprehensive assistance to commercial solar clients by offering asset management, installation oversight, general feasibility, grant writing, proprietary third party monitoring and O&M services.
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Feasability and Solar System Verification

If you're considering installing a commercial solar energy system, a solar feasibility study is an essential step.
This study will help you understand the viability of solar energy for your business and provide valuable insights to make informed decisions.
Feasibility Study
Mitigate Risk

Quality Assurance and Consumer Protection

VeriWatt’s third-party verification services can help solar companies mitigate risks and improve their bottom line by creating a risk management plan and improving data accuracy. Our external perspective can identify growth opportunities and inefficiencies in sales, installation, and commissioning processes.

By implementing an unbiased verification tool into the solar sales process, VeriWatt helps ensure compliance with specific standards for safety, quality, or performance.

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The Veriwatt App

Efficient Collaboration

Effortlessly communicate between customers, sales representatives, and installation for coordination through the solar installation process.

Ehanced Customer Engagement

Promote higher customer engagement and gather valuable feedback to improve the overall solar installation experience.

Real-Time Monitoring

Track and manage project progress and deliverables in real-time, empowering users with greater control over their solar installation.

Shading Assessments

Evaluate shading impact on solar panels and access tax credit explanations to optimize system design and maximize financial benefits.

Digital Document Management

Simplify documentation with digital signatures, enabling users to review and sign necessary documents, contracts, and TOS within the app.

Feasibility Studies

Assess the viability of solar installations with powerful feasibility study tools, providing users with valuable insights and recommendations.

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