Peace of Mind, Investment Protection, Performance Assurance

Feasibility and System Verification that Builds Trust for Everyone Involved.

Think of us as an independent advocate for solar customers who want peace of mind regarding their solar energy investment. Whether you own a solar system now, or are considering one for your home or business-you’ll benefit from impartial, objective, and transparent solar performance reporting and feasibility analyses. Get in-depth insight into your project’s functionality, profitability and overall energy performance.

Solar Energy Auditing Services

Do you have solar, but have questions about its overall performance?  We can help by reviewing your system and offering realistic expectations.

Solar Energy Professional Services

VeriWatt offers a wide range of consulting services for customers considering going solar as well as those who already have solar systems. We can help with everything from sales to procurement.

Project Analysis for Lending Companies

Project oversight & quality assurance for renewable energy lending institutions
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Consulting for Solar Installation Companies

We provide solar installation companies and contractors with diagnostic services
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Consulting for Solar Sales Companies

We help PV suppliers sell better and sell more with solar auditing, appraisal & feasibility services
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Service Work, Insurance, O&M Consulting

VeriWatt provides a wide range of diagnostic services, operations, and maintenance, as well as limited repair and RMA processing for a variety of manufacturers and project types. Here’s how we can help:

Utility Scale O&M

Deter natural degradation and cracked panels with O&M services for solar farms
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Residential Service & Maintenance

We'll maintain your home's solar panels with regular, schedule maintenance
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Commercial Panel Diagnostics, Cleaning, & Repair

We diagnose, clean, and repair solar grids for businesses
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Insurance Adjustment Estimate & Appraisal

Appraising your solar panel's true market value and providing insurance damage payout adjustments after natural disasters damage your panels
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Engineering and Feasibility Analysis

VeriWatt can provide detailed engineering and stamped plan sets as well as feasibility analysis for your project. Our Electrical Engineer is NABCEP certified with over 25 years of experience with NASA, and a decorated member of the NASA Inventors Hall of Fame.

Commercial Engineering & Stamped Plansets

PV engineering and structural stamped engineering drawings for permitting
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Environmental Impact Studies

Get an environmental impact assessment for your next commercial solar development
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Utility and Demand Charge Review

We review your energy use to help you make a case against high utility demand charges
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Detailed Project Feasibility Studies

Uncover the potential strengths and weaknesses of your solar project. Discover if transitioning to solar energy is financially or technically suitable for your commercial property.
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