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Consumer Quality Assurance and Protection

The Importance of Third-Party Verification in the Solar Industry

VeriWatt believes third-party verification is essential to bridge the gap between customer expectations and contractor obligations in the residential solar industry. We work with sales organizations, contractors, and home owners across the US who are interested in a higher standard of solar installation.

We provide a 2nd layer of project quality assurance for both solar contractors and customers, ensuring integrity and quality throughout the entire solar purchase process.

The Benefits of Working with a Third-Party Project Verifier

Our objective approach and unbiased standards can help establish a company’s seal of approval and mitigate legal and criminal sales practices.

By working with VeriWatt, solar installation and sales companies can improve their internal processes and operational efficiencies, identify risks and liabilities, increase data reliability, and gain a competitive advantage.

Risk Analysis and Data Accuracy

Bolstered by VeriWatts custom software, our third-party verification services help solar companies mitigate risks and improve their bottom line. We offer a risk management plan and improve data accuracy while identifying growth opportunities and process inefficiencies.

By implementing our unbiased verification tool, VeriWatt ensures compliance with safety, quality, and performance standards in the solar sales process. This sets solar companies apart in a competitive industry without established excellence benchmarks, providing peace of mind, consumer protection, and elevated quality.

Client and Contractor Solar Monitoring Services

Our proprietary CRM offers the ability to monitor individual solar systems or entire project portfolios at a single glance. This helps sales organizations and contractors manage their clients while ensuring objective third party verification.

Our monitoring services are fully customizable depending on the client or contractors needs.

Solar Maintenance & Repairs


Our objective is to partner with sales organizations, contractors, utility companies, regulatory agencies and qualified energy authorities to promote and maintain the highest possible standards for the solar industry.

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