Service Areas

VeriWatt provides consultation services and remote system audits Nationally. On-site review, drone diagnostics, maintenance, and warranty services are only for Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Kansas at this time.

Regional & National Service Areas

Solar Diagnostics, Repair, Audits and Warranty Exchange- Regional

VeriWatt can provide On-Site diagnostics and performance audits for your solar farm, commercial PV system, or individual solar array in the following states: Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Solar Engineering Services - Nationwide

We provide solar engineering and design services for companies all over the United States. Our experienced electrical engineers provide carefully engineered designs that bolster your project’s success, providing independent consulting to ensure maximum viability.

Solar Auditing Services - Nationwide

Whether you live in California, Oklahoma, or New York, VeriWatt can provide you with detailed, data-backed solar performance audits. No matter where you live, you can benefit from powerful insights into your solar panel system’s performance.

Solar Professional Services - Nationwide

We provide professional feasibility analysis and diagnostic services to companies all across America. From coast to coast, clients trust us to verify their solar panels’ functionality, bringing to the table over 30 years of solar industry expertise and a lead electrical engineer, Patrick Fink, who has over 80 U.S. patents and over 25 years of experience working for NASA.