Benefits Of Independent Third Party Solar Power Installation Verification

Veriwatt | February 5, 2023

Third-Party Verification Benefits

Solar power installation, for both a home or a commercial property, is a significant initial investment. Solar power companies promise long-term savings with reduced utility bills and say phrases such as “it will pay for itself.” How does one know their large investment is working the way it ought to? Below are two benefits of having a third party verify a solar power installation.


Third Party Verifications Provide An Outside Perspective


Most solar power companies have great intentions and act in good faith. The engineers create the best plans based upon their knowledge and their installers will install based upon their trained procedures. When asking people who performed the initial work to re-examine their work, people tend to have tunnel vision because they are using the same knowledge, assumptions, and processes in the evaluation. Having a third party perform the verification brings new ideas, new experiences, new expectations, and new processes to the evaluation. New ideas can bring more efficiency to the solar installation, and more savings to the pocketbook of the investment. Perhaps the third party will confirm the system is working at peak efficiency, and the building owner can have peace of mind knowing their investment will be maximized.


Third Party Verifications Are Not Biased


When asking the original solar power installation company to verify the system, the company may perceive the request as, “This system isn’t working well, you did something wrong, come figure it out and fix it.” Companies don’t want to admit fault and may not give full attention to details or move straight to saying the system is working properly. A third party verification company doesn’t have skin in the game and doesn’t have a financial or emotional stake in whether the system works at peak efficiency. A third party gives an objective perspective, and if any recommendations are made, then the building owner is armed with an action plan to take to the solar installation company.


If you want to have an independent third party examine your commercial or residential solar power system, then VeriWatt is ready to help. Visit our commercial audit page or our residential solar audit page to learn more. You may also call 855-733-5600 to talk to a representative today or complete our contact form